So here is what I was thinking about today. I decided to take a “sick day” from work haha so i was working around my house cleaning and getting organized! Organized all my diapers into cases and labeled them by brand! It was fun! haha okay I guess you can say I am kind of a DORK! but that’s okay with me!

Anyways… so I while I was going through things and throwing a million empty boxes of wipes some that were dried up I began to think how awsome it would be if there was just one big store where I could go and buy everything that I possibly need from diapers to wipes to powder to oil to changing tables EVERYTHING!! I wish I could just get in my car and drive down there and by all that in one place! Even comfortable footy pajamas with the butt that pulls down! I don’t know maybe there are places somewhere in the world but I sure know that there is nothing around here! and that would be the greatest EVER!!

Alright well that is enough randomness for one that no one is probably interested in 🙂

More soon….