I found an interesting article that talks about actually using diaper rash ointment for beauty and cosmetic uses.  Being a girl, of course I found this somewhat helpful since I actually do cary the specific brand they reference in the article in my purse.  Chafing can actually be ‘cured’ simply by using A+D diaper rash ointment.  Even the doctor referenced in the article told her to go to the drugstore and get some and that should help cure it.  And sure enough it did!  So, for any babies out there that have a problem not only with diaper rash but also possible chafing in the lips or dry skin on fingers…well diaper rash ointment does the trick extremely well.  Just another tip I am letting you in on  from your truly 😉 Check out the article below:

Beauty Tip: Rehydrate The Way 9 Out of 10 Baby Butts Prefer!

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