I honestly cannot believe that I am still up. Peter and I have been having such a good weekend mostly we have just been hanging out around the house. Recently we have really gotten into playing videos games. haha i know that is very dorky but it is a really good feeling to sit there with Peter and just relax in our diapers and play video games. Even though I NEVER win and I actually am quite bad at probably every game created it is still fun to play with Peter.

I am thankful that I have finally been able to relax and take it easy. On a good note I did get rid of the diaper rash finally. peter and I went and got some desitine I think it was I may have spelled that wrong in two different types and then we used them all day Friday and today and I am feeling so much better and can finally sit comfortably!

Alright well off to bed for me..Hugs!.