I have had the worst diaper rash today that I have had in a long long time.  I don’t know what really started it but I have been at work and I could barely sit down. One of the reasons I haven’t posted yet was because I have gotten to the point where it is even hard to walk so I end up just sitting in one place doing work because it feels better than trying to move and getting the irritation again. peter went out a little earlier to get me some new medicine for it a bunch of different creams so we are going to keep trying them and see which ones work. I feel bad for Peter because he is basically having to do everything for me but it just hurts so bad. I wonder if this is normal – has anyone else had diaper rash real real bad ever?

I am really excited for tomorrow! It is finally Friday which means Peter and I’s weekend of doing whatever we want whenever we want is HERE! we are not traveling anywhere or doing anything anyone else wants us to do it is just me and him! 😀 I AM REALLY EXCITED!! alright well I’m heading to bed early tonight…Goodnight loves! hugs!.