I am sure many of you have been wondering what is going on with the lack of posts from me lately – well I had/have a guest poster helping me out some while I dealt with a few things in my life. But, I will say Geoffrey has been doing a great job on the posts. Very impressed with his writing and great topics that I am sure have helped a lot of people. That is what we are all about here!

Anyways, I wanted to talk about something I think holds true for a lot of people. I think there is a little diaper lover or adult baby in everyone. Many people just don’t know it. Obviously, this community is made of up diaper lovers and adult babies but the general population looks on from the outside thinking how could a community such as us enjoy wearing diapers and acting like adult babies. Well, that is where I think most people nearly judge rather than look into their inner-self.

Deep down I think everyone enjoys that being taken care of feeling and that feeling of safety and dependence on somebody else. Many people that are new to wearing diapers I have heard countless times comment on the fact that they love just the safety and security of wearing a diaper – they can’t describe it but they just say they feel comfortable and secure. I think this feeling hits many people deep down and gets to the heart of that safe and dependent feeling that many people probably sub-consciously feel.

Most people merely judge wearing diapers as something only children and elderly people HAVE to do. But, they never re-examine the possibility of what it actually feels like or the practicality of what wearing a diaper brings. They merely choose to judge before thinking. But, when a person actually makes that leap of faith to try a diaper – they are pleasantly surprised of the rush of emotions it brings back. It might not “hit home” like it does for many of us but they do feel that sense of something safe, secure, and comforting. Truth be told I think there is a little diaper lover in everyone.

The key I believe in getting a significant other, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, playmate, etc to try out a diaper and to understand what exactly the “fuss” is all about when it comes to diaper lovers is this:

  1. Don’t Come Across Like it is Just a Big Fetish – this can turn people away and make them feel like it is ALL sexual which for many its not sexual at all or is just a slight part of it.
  2. Let Them Take Baby Stepsย – Don’t make them go full force wearing all the time – just let them try it on their terms in a safe environment.
  3. Be Calm – I know it is all exciting if you get someone you know to try a diaper on and you finally get to experience it with someone else – but you can act excited but don’t go crazy as it can overwhelm the person. Just let them experience all the feelings that it comes with on their own.

In the end, MOST people who actually take that leap and try out what a diaper lover or adult baby is all about are pleasantly surprised in the innocence of it all and the comfort, security, and safety the feeling of wearing a diaper brings.

Also – lots of pictures coming – especially to the Premium Content Section – including wearing diapers in public photos and at the gym ๐Ÿ˜‰