Alright…I have doubled diapers before but I guess I am not doing it properly according to some.  Typically, I just stuck one Attend diaper over another and called it a day for being doubled.  But, I guess I have been missing something to actually make it work.  I would actually really appreciate someone better explaining to me how to do it.  I was told you cut a hole in the first diaper so that the urine goes through it and into the other diaper?  Please someone correct me if I am wrong…I think its a good idea and would work but what exactly is the most efficient and quickest way to cut a hole into a diaper?  Diapers aren’t exactly easy to cut.  Something I have been Pondering on for a little while and I am sure some of my readers would love to enlighten me somehow here.

I surely can’t be the only one who doesn’t know this.  Or, maybe I am and everyone else knows it and I live under a rock? Enlighten me people with diaper doubling techniques!.