Diaper Change OrganizerI was browsing around and I saw this and thought how awesome it is! In my house I have a room that we pretty much devote to using to storing and changing diapers! It helps to keep things neat and organized! one thing you should know about me is that I am an organization freak! I always want everything in its proper place and want everything organized in someway, even though that doesn’t always happen! This is a thing where you can keep your diapers in the center and then whatever else you need around it! I think this would be great to make sure you always had quick access to your diapers and it would make changing so much quicker! I showed this to Peter and even though he thinks I am a little crazy sometimes which it comes to constantly organizing everything I think he actually liked it to! I’ll keep you posted on if I actually end up getting something like this! Off to shower and get ready for a kind of short day at work 🙂