A really good diaper can last most people a good chunk of the day — but not all day.

Even the best are going to leak eventually, and there’s always the possibility of a minor tape mishap, an unexpected rip in the plastic, or other basic mechanical failures. So, most regular diaper-wearers have learned to carry a change or two with them.

Problem being, what to carry them in? A diaper bag, of the type actually marketed and sold as such, is not particularly inconspicuous, even if you do manage to get one of the more tasteful, solid-color ones as opposed to something with Hello Kitty on it. It’s also a bulky object, and not really necessary for most adult changes, which can be done without the cornucopia of changing mats, pacifiers, and so on that modern parents seem to need.

Some other potential options include:

1. Purses

A large purse has more than enough room for a spare diaper, slipped in lengthwise. Some can hold two or three, though at that point it starts to get crowded for your other purse items.

The big disadvantages here are that the top of the diaper is quite obvious any time you open the purse, and that most men aren’t comfortable carrying one.

It’s a good solution for women who were already going to be carrying a large purse, and who don’t mind if strangers sometimes get a glimpse of the diaper in it (most of whom, it should be remembered, will automatically assume that the woman has a child, and that the diaper is for the baby, not for her).

2. Briefcases

The male antecedent to a purse, in many ways, although women carry them too, a briefcase is also larger and often comes with sealing side pockets. A diaper can easily be hidden in the depths of one.

Carrying capacity is still limited to one or maybe two diapers, assuming you want to keep other things in there as well, but it’s a slightly larger and more gender-neutral option than a purse. The disadvantage is that it looks very out of place if you’re not wearing business dress, making it awkward for social and recreational outings.

3. Backpacks

They’re not very stylish, but they do work.

If you’re someone who wears a backpack anyway, your diaper bag needs are pretty well taken care of. This is how most people who go diapered in school settings are going to carry theirs, and it works fine. To conceal the diaper in the stack of books, etc. within the backpack, just lay a spare T-shirt on top of the pile. It’ll cover the tops of the books and the shape of the diaper.

For those of us that aren’t students, backpacks aren’t really ideal walking-around clothes. You can get away with one on a hike or at a picnic or the like, but you don’t want to schelp one around town if you don’t have to.

4. Large Coat Pockets

Some winter coats come with simply enormous pockets on the inner lining (I know this, because mine has them).

If yours is large enough to hold a diaper, you’re set, at least for the winder months. Just slide it on in there and relax. No one’s going to notice the extra puffiness, and with one on each side of the zipper you’ve got enough changes to last a full day, assuming you’re buying good, thick diapers.

5. Picnic Baskets

If you’re making an outing that requires a picnic basket, or some other handled carrier for food and entertainment objects, slip a couple diapers in there as well. Very simple, unless it’s a shared basket and you don’t want the people you’re sharing it with to know about your diapers — in that case, you’ll either need another carrying method, or to wrap the diapers in something innocuous-looking and hope that no one gets nosy.

6. Cars

Always keep a couple diapers stashed in your car! You never know when you’re going to need them.

The glove box can usually hold a small diaper, and the pockets on the backs of the seats can hold several. Alternatively, you can keep a whole case in your trunk, tucked under an emergency blanket if you feel the need to be discreet.

7. Drawers at Work

For office workers, a few spares in the desk drawer is a good idea. If you don’t have a desk of your own, any under-used storage space will work fine. The cleaning closet in the office bathroom is unlikely to be visited by anyone other than janitors; it may work in a pinch.

You can always ask a boss or supervisor if there’s somewhere you can leave your changes, if you’re comfortable bringing it up. Most will automatically register it as a medical issue, and therefore be very careful to avoid anything that could look like discrimination.

And when all else fails…

…you could always get an adorable diaper bag and not care what anyone thinks. It’s up to you, really!

How have you been carrying your spares around? Let us know in the comments!