The poll was a huge success and I had A LOT of responses. By far and large the majority seem to be willing to help out and either do a monthly fee or a yearly fee. So, I believe I have found a way to offer both. My plan is to update the premium content AT LEAST weekly with new content. But, by doing this it will help offset some of the cost of maintaining this site and will allow me a way to post more photos for people to see. So, based on the tons of people contacting me and suggestions – here is what I came up with for pricing wise:

Monthly Recurring Fee: $3/month

Yearly Fee: $32/year

I am sure you are asking why 32 and not a nice 30 dollar even number. Well, 32 actually happens to be a special number for me as weird as that is. 32 was the age that one of my best friends actually passed away 2 years ago…she was a bit older than me but we were always so close through growing up. She passed away due to a lifelong battle with an illness and so 32 is a special number to me as well as its still cheaper by $4 if you do the yearly cost than if you paid $3 per month.

But, both are fairly cheap compared to any other site out there and it will definitely help me out. Photos will be tasteful – there will be NO PORNOGRAPHIC images. I am letting everyone know that now. These are tasteful photos – like wearing diapers in public, getting dressed, out and about, under clothes, lounging around, etc etc etc. But, there will be a bunch.

I should have it up and running hopefully by Sunday night!