I thought I would address what many have been wondering about – how I deal with messy diapers since I do wear 24/7 that is obviously something that comes up.  Well, on average I typically mess once a day and typically it does not usually hit me at work but there have been times when it does.  When I am at work I typically go change immediately…my office has individual bathrooms so I can go in there wipe myself clean and change my diaper.  But, obviously the key is to change as soon as possible at work and I keep a bottle of Febreze and Lysol in my office to help cut down on the smell when it happens.  When I am out and about and I end up messing, usually I am with Peter so he will either check me and change me in the car or we will find a family restroom so that he can come in and change my diaper.  There have been random places here and there other than those such as the beach and grassy areas when we go on pic-nics sometimes.

But other than that – I mean when I mess at home then I will change myself or Peter will do it for me if he is there obviously.  But, smell is typically not a factor with a properly fitted (tight) diaper, work pants or jeans combined with Lysol and Febreze atleast from what I have found.

If I did not cover everything let me know and I may try to clear things up.