Ok, so I went into J Crew the other day just browsing and OMG I found the cutest onesie.  I tried it on and everything and I wanted it so bad but I could not bring myself to pay the $70 for it.  It was heartbreaking lol.  I could not find this exact one on their website, it was only in stores.  I think they actually refer to is as a “union suit” but its a onesie basically.  I snapped a photo of myself in it so I can dream about having it.  Check out the photo:

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Isn’t it cute?  Its gotta be the cutest and softest onesie I have ever tried.  It wasn’t too thick and wasn’t too thin.  It would be perfect because its not heavy and won’t make you sweat which I have a big problem with a lot of the adult footed pajamas.  They are always fleece like and make me sweat.  I really like the thinner type ones that aren’t so bulky…this one was perfect and it even had a hood – how cool is that?  If you look close enough you can see my diaper – tempting huh? LOL – yeh its thin enough to see through.  Grrr…just writing this post makes me regret not buying it.  Haha well enjoy the picture and if any of you lucky people out there saw it and ended up getting one – I am jealous!.