PajamasI want something different either a new diaper or new wipes, or a new diaper bag or SOMETHING! something new! haha i guess that probably sounds weird but i spend like half my day online looking at something new but I seem to have so much right now! I really really like these??? aren’t they cute!! I am going to get me some because they are so cute and it would still be really easy for Peter to check me with the drop down seat! 😀 I LOVE FOOTY PAJAMAS!!!

I just got back from taking a walk! got home from work and just was so tired that I decided I need to do something to pep me up! now I think though that my diaper is completely full of sweat! It feels like I have used it but I haven’t! 🙂 I am about to jump in the shower, some good news though is that I am feeling much better today! Still a few sniffles but definitely better than I had been feeling!.