I have fell in love with a onesie that I am highly considering buying.  It is so super cute.  You ever get that feeling with something that you just feel like you gotta have…well this is one of them for me.  I love this onesie.  It is a candy cane strip onesie that is absolutely adorable.  I haven’t ordered it yet because I am still debating on whether I want to spend the money and drop about $50 on it…which is considerably lower than what you would pay at Jumpin Jammerz though.  Here, you can check out a picture of it below:

j333-st-1As you can see they are super super cute.  Most onesies are either too boyish or too plain but these look perfect.  Though I have a little bit of an AB side, sometimes I feel like I just want to wear a not so AB onesie in which this would suffice very nicely.  It is not to plain but it is cute with its simple candy cane pattern.  Maybe I will wait for it to go on the clearance section of the site.  I haven’t ordered anything from this Adult Onesie site yet but I have heard good things about how they fit nicely over even a thick diaper like Bambino Diapers.  So, I think I may just have to get it.  They are from Pajama City – if anyone has ever ordered from them I would love to hear your reviews of what you think about their onesies before I purchase one myself.  I would really appreciate it.

Candy Cane Stripe Onesie: Link To Onesie.