Haha this is really random but I couldn’t think of anything to post about so I thought I would tell you all a funny story that happened to me early this morning!

I woke up a little earlier to make sure I had time to shower before I went to work and decided that I would go and get the paper..well I do have 2 rather large dogs that were very tired of being cooped up in the house because we hadn’t left the doggy door open for them last night so they couldn’t get out to run around! As I opened the door to pick up the paper one of my dogs ran outside and into the street! Haha So here I am chasing my dog down in my t-shirt and a diaper! It was quick comical..too bad Peter was still asleep and didn’t get to witness such a fun thing! haha I don’t know who saw me but it must have been very funny!

Anyways just thought i’d share that random story!! i’ll be back later 🙂.