I was always wondering whether people or how many people for that matter actually exercise in diapers.  I did a little google search and found a message board for actual runners where some people have considered it and some even actually where them regularly while running for a variety of reasons.  Check out a quote below from one of the boards:

“I plan on eating a light meal early Friday evening, no breakfast, and a couple of immodium before the race. Hopefully that will keep everything calm. Has anyone ever run in adult diapers (I can’t belive I’m 25 and I’m considering running in diapers!!) Ah well, thanks for the support and keep up this thread.”

Cool Running :: colon issues (sorry)

I personally exercise in diapers whether I am just going out for a walk or even a light jog which I do on almost a daily basis to keep in shape.  I have come accustomed to wearing a diaper while exercising and personally it doesn’t get in the way at all.  It allows me to relieve myself in mid-exercise if need be without stopping what I am doing. 

Soon, I believe I will take a few photos and post a couple on here and post the rest of the set on IMABDL.com of me exercising in diapers.  Just got to remember to bring the camera…I am forgetful sometimes.

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