Continence Connection, LLC has an interesting article up in regards to using diapers to manage bedwetting. The article is well written obviously by someone who is educated. It provides several theories on why parents think diapers are “babyish”. The article writer brings up a good point in regards to why they are regarded as babyish. Overall the article provides really good insight into the understanding of wearing diapers and people should look at wearing diapers just as if someone were in a wheelchair or on crutches. There are millions of people out there that diapers are a major part of their life and to them I am sure they do not want to be laughed at or looked differently for just having to wear something as simple as a diaper. The article link can be viewed below at the following link.

Continence Connection, LLC: Using Diapers to Manage Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting at Night) Part 2

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