Buying adult diapers can be a complex process for some people based on their needs.  Many people you would be surprised to find out that they know nothing about buying diapers online such as Abena, Bambino Diapers, Molicare, Secure, etc etc.  They probably haven’t seen these brands in their local stores so they know nothing about them.  All they know is what the store gives them and hence are missing out on a lot of features that some of the best adult diapers provide.  So, their choice is simple for the most part because the selection is so limited in stores and the quality is so poor.  But, for the rest of the people that have discovered the advantage to ordering adult diapers online have come to find that it can be a complex choice on which ones to go with based on a lot of different factors.

I know for me when I look at buying adult diapers and which ones I choose to ‘invest’ in I go for the best quality (i.e. best absorbency, tapes, etc) because this in essence will allow the diaper to last longer and takes a lot of the worries about leaking out of the picture.  Price is also a major factor in buying adult diapers…probably the biggest factor for a lot of people.  I for one am a fan of an “all in one” price meaning that the shipping is built into the price and your just paying for what is advertised.  I hate getting to the end of a checkout cart and then seeing any amount extra added onto shipping – that always makes me hesitate to buy things because no matter how much it is, its a mental thing for me.  Some of the big players in the adult diaper world do this all in one pricing and I think its a huge advantage.

One thing to look at when comparing adult diapers (especially premium  adult diapers) is not only their features that come with it but the cost per unit.  That means if a case if $50 for example and you are getting 40 diapers then the cost per diaper is $1.25.  This is important to take into consideration because while one sites price may appear cheaper for a case – it may just have more or less diapers in the case.

There are many tricks that some companies will enact that you may be unaware of…I will demonstrate one way companies do this.  It is a prime example and nothing against the company – it is just how they lure you into buying their diapers.  ABUniverse offers their Cushy diapers for $99 for 80 diapers…that puts the price at $1.24 per diaper basically.  This is disregarding the fact that the Cushy diapers aren’t as absorbent or have as many features as some of the best adult diapers like Abena X-Plus, Bambino, Secure, Molicare…but anyways back to the point.  ABUniverse is going to charge you shipping now which significantly increases the price per diaper.  UNLESS, you spend $100…then you get free shipping…so they made the price $99 ($1 below $100) so now you have to buy something else to get that free shipping which may not be a problem for some but for those counting the pennies – this may be an issue.  This is just one of those techniques some diaper companies employ to lure you into purchasing their diapers.

This does not even take into account the features of the adult diapers – absorbency, tapes, fit, leg gather effectiveness, material used, clumping, etc.  Many of these features are extremely important and should definitely be considered…like clumping…while it does not seem like a big issue it can be a big issue in various ways.  If a diaper clumps for one it can be uncomfortable for the user because now you have this huge clump of material in your diaper.  Second, it DECREASES absorbency of the diaper because now you don’t have a lot of material covering where you urinate.

Many of you may already know all this but these are just prime examples of things you should at least think about before choosing to buy adult diapers.  Adult diaper companies can use various tactics to lure you into buying a product even if it is inferior by disguising it with either just the look of the diaper (to make it look absorbent when it really isn’t) or to make it seem cheaper when its really not (either by not taking into account shipping or the diaper is so inferior to other diapers that you are not getting your money’s worth).  I am a penny pincher in all honesty – so these are things I think about when I choose to buy my adult diapers…which for the record is typically Bambino Diapers, Secure Personal Care (which are now offered on Bambino’s website), and XP Medical.  These are the most trusted sources in my mind over the years…not to say others aren’t – but these are my go to stores for anything I really need..