Thankful that this morning was rather calm and I made it to work on time 🙂 Thank you very much! haha anyways I had a question for you all, if you have what kinds places do you either change yourself or someone else while you are out of your house?

Peter and I are always changing each other when we are out of the house but most of the time we have to end up using the back seat of our car.  It is hard to find a family restroom and sometimes when you do the door is locked because they don’t want kids going in there! Back seat of the car usually works fine, it’s a little cramped but it does what is needed. I always make sure to keep a pad in the back so that if things get really messy it doesn’t affect anything! Anyways just wanted to see if anyone had any good ideas that I had not thought of! and you know me, I always want to get a good conversation going!