Well i am home on my lunch break right now…gotta do some last minute packing so that Peter and i can get on the road pretty much as soon as we both get done with work, and i need to change my Diaper BAD! I was in such a rush this morning that I never got out of the diaper that i wore overnight, so by note even 10 am I was already starting to leak a little bit! But im going to take care of that now. 🙂

I’m having to take an entire bag of diapers with us this weekend. Though I’m trying to pack the nicer onces so that they will last a longer time. Has anyone ever traveled a long amount of time in one diaper or do you all take extra in the car or plane so that you can change while you are on the way? I thought about where I could stop along the way but i Figured if it were really bad we could always just pull over on the side of the road and change!

Well time for me to go and get some packing and change! I’ll try to post again tonight once we are there! Have a wonderful Friday everyone!.