I know I do not post much in regards to this topic but I wanted to shed some light on a topic/dilemma that is sometimes even hard for me just in terms of the work required and materials used…even as experienced as I am. So, I was changing Peter’s poopy diaper yesterday and I swear it took me like the whole package of wipes to clean him up and it really required a lot of work. Now, I know adult’s messes are a lot bigger than babies but I guess I feel like there should be an easier and more convenient method for cleaning him up. His messes are sometimes just so big I guess that I feel like I am more just “smearing it” around then I am actually wiping it up. I mean, here I am holding up his legs for like 10 minutes or so while I wipe him which I know is uncomfortable him after a point. I know its probably easier to use a wet washcloth to wipe him first but I will say that is not always convenient. So, I am looking for some tips that anyone is willing to share in this matter as I just want to be able to change his pooped diapers a bit easier because its not only a lot of work for me but also it gets uncomfortable for him having his legs raised for that long while I clean him up.

I have always been pretty experienced with changing messy diapers whether it is Peter or when I have babysat.  But, I guess I got to thinking there must be something I could do thats easier or more convenient OR even something maybe Peter could do to make it easier when he does mess.  I don’t know – I am pretty open and all ears for those who are even more crafty and experienced than me..