I have received a ton of questions in regards to what I do about changing my diaper in public areas – such as malls, parks, etc.  This post will hopefully clarify how I handle those situations and how not that noticeable it really is.  There really isn’t that much difference.  So, how I am going to approach this is name off some general public areas and tell you how I handle those for changing my diaper or having my diaper changed for that matter.  I would also like to state to please be respectful of others around you – regardless of how normal myself or you may consider it – people can be offended and it is honestly not appropriate as an adult to just do it so everybody can see.

Mall: The mall is a place I visit often – I am a shopaholic.  I have probably mastered changing at the mall.  If I am by myself then I just go into a stall in one of the women’s public restrooms and change my diaper there.  I just lean myself up against the stall wall for support as I pull the adult diaper up between my legs to change.  Nothing fancy but I have probably mastered it so I can take off my wet diaper and change into a fresh one in probably under 3 minutes which to me is pretty good.  If my diaper happens to be messy – well that is a more time consuming process where I have to break out my disposable wipes I carry with me in my purse.  There really is no easy way to do it – I just sort of prop myself up against the wall or maneuver myself on the toilet and clean myself…graphic I know.  Some nice malls have stalls where they are completely enclosed, meaning you can technically lay on the floor and nobody would know…if that is the case, bring a changing pad to lay on and then you can lay on the changing pad on the floor and change yourself.  A lot easier if this is an option but it rarely is the case.

Park: I am a big outdoor type person so I love going to parks.  Sometimes I actually sunbathe like I am on a beach in just a diaper and bikini top but that is usually only if I can find a semi-private area.  The lure of sunbathing in a park in just a diaper is not as “appropriate” in my mind as it can be in a beach setting.  But, anyways when I need to change in a place like a park it really depends on the park I am at.  Some parks are really private and I will actually either change my diaper right there on my picnic blanket or towel or if Peter is there then he will do it for me.  If its not that private then typically I try to find the park restrooms and just change my diaper there.  I have to make sure I always bring my supplies because I always like to be prepared for the worst you could say…which believe me, it happens.

On The Road: I do like to travel when I get a chance which entails having my diaper changed in the car a lot of times on the side of the road.  Usually, if I am just wet then we try to make it to store or something like that but I will say that when I poop my diaper then neither I or Peter can really bare it too long so Peter ends up changing me on the side of the road in the car.  I don’t mind it too much, just make sure you have a blanket/towel/changing pad if you don’t want to get your seats messy.

Rest Stop: Rest stops can be a great place to change an adult diaper especially if you have someone that will change it for you.  Many rest stops have family restrooms in which you can go into and have someone help you change your diaper.  Peter and I usually go in there together and change our diapers if they have a family restroom with private sections in them.  This is probably the easiest way.  Some rest stops have private areas that you can go off to where nobody is around, look for these, and you can change your diaper there if you do not want to deal with a large crowd in the restrooms for some reason.  Some rest stops can get busy so sometimes we opt to find a private area around the rest stop and change our diapers.

Beach: Changing an adult’s diaper on the beach is very similar to the park.  Its just one of those things where it depends on how much privacy you have on whatever beach your at.  Some beach areas have like nobody on it that we have been to in which case I just change my diaper right there on my beach towel.  But, most beaches have at least some people on it – in which case I will be respectful and take a diaper out of my beach bag and walk up to a restroom or where ever I am staying and change my diaper there.

Changing an adult diaper in a public place is all about a moderation between your own comfort and respect.  You have to respect the others around you and realize that even if you are comfortable with it, they most likely aren’t.  So, please keep that in mind when you consider changing your diaper in public places.  Changing a diaper is a must especially if you poop your diaper because serious rashes and discomfort can come from it so changing in a public place is inevitable.  But, just keep in mind my experiences and be courteous to others and you will be fine with being comfortable wearing diapers out in public places without fear of having to change your diaper there.  I recognize men can’t always just carry around a bag with a diaper in it like women have purses – all I can say to that is to either carry a backpack in certain situations or keep your diapers in your car – preferably in a trunk where it is typically cooler..