Recently I have been out and about much more and have needed to change myself when there really wasn’t anywhere around to do it. I have become more and more accustomed to changing in the back seat of the car. Here are some tips that I have realized if you ever do this yourself:

1) maker sure to always have an extra diaper with you of course, and a small thing of powder and wipes. You can buy these for fairly cheap at a Target or Wal-mart and they do not take up much space making it easy for me to fit them in my purse. One thing to make sure of on the wipes is that there is a top that can close on it otherwise they dry out after only one use.

2) Keep a towel or changing pad in the car that is just big enough to be placed on one side of your backseat. I just use a slightly larger hand towel and this seems to work well.

3) I always carry like 2 or 3 spare plastic bags like the ones that you get at the grocery store to put the dirty diaper in once you have used it that way if you have to leave it in the car with no trash can around it is easy to do and the smell doesn’t get all in your car while you are away.

I know these aren’t anything special but just wanted to post some of these things because It is very handy if you have these things and need to change yourself really quickly if there is no where else around! 🙂.