The challenges of wearing diapers for your entire life seems to most people like a huge barrier and challenge. But, they would be surprised to learn that even though there are challenges with adult diapers and having to wear them 24/7, it really is not all that bad. You learn to embrace the unique challenges and make the absolute best of them. You come to learn that adult diapers and wearing them really isn’t that big of a burden or big deal, especially if you approach them with an open mind and make them into something positive in your life.

Acceptance of Adult Diapers

The first thing you have to do that I found with my situation even though I had been wearing diapers my entire life was ACCEPTANCE. The challenges of wearing diapers 24/7 presents unique issues. I came to a point in my life where you start to realize that diapers to other people are a bit out of the “norm”. I came to the conclusion mainly in middle school. Elementary school you are still sort of oblivious to a lot of things and teachers and administrators still “baby” you on some level (not literally, but you know what I mean). Middle school, you find the kids to be more judgmental and you realize the sorts of things that are a bit out of the norm to most people real quick. I have some stories, lets put it that way.

But, I had to be strong and ACCEPT that wearing diapers was my life and had to develop a positive attitude toward them to make the most of the situation at hand.

Challenges of Wearing Diapers

Whether you wear adult diapers for need or recreation – there are always unique challenges that come along with this way of life. Here is a list of my unique challenges I have experienced as a 24/7 adult diaper wearer.

  • Gym and Diapers: Wearing diapers to the gym or in beginning, gym class, proved to be difficult for me to get use to. Even with my accepting attitude, getting passed the fear of people discovering my diapers when I was younger was a little difficult but I overcame it. You learn to deal with these quickly when you have no choice. As I have gotten older, it became less about caring if others would see as many people have seen or noticed my diapers at the gym, and more about functionality. Wearing diapers on a 3 mile run or cycling can be difficult unless you lather up with vaseline or other good cream.
  • Changing Messy Diapers: By no means is it ever “easy” to change a messy diaper. Obviously, its most convenient at home when Peter can change me but that is not always the case. Changing in a tiny public restroom by yourself or port-a-potty proves to be tricky and time consuming. But, again you adjust.
  • Explaining Diapers to New People: It is not really a challenge per se more than it is just annoying. Some people understand really quickly and don’t care at all. While others sort of are left scratching their head before coming around. You learn that everyone has been exposed to different levels of “non-normal” events and you become used to it.
  • Jeans and Diapers: For me, I know my normal waste and so naturally sometimes I will try and by a pair of jeans for my normal waist size but when you add the diaper in it adds a good inch or so. So, some pairs of jeans I know I can only wear with certain types of adult diapers.
  • Summer Time in Adult Diapers: It takes some skill to learn what you can and can’t wear with diapers during the summer months. Heat and plastic diapers don’t mix unless you use powder and loose fitting clothing. It is easier for us girls because we can wear a skirt which allows a little breeze to come up there and cool things down.

As I think back, these were my major challenges with adult diapers but in all honesty, I am the type of person that deals with things quickly when they are in front of me and figure a way around them and deal with it. So, these things I have found easier ways to deal with some of the challenges.

What are some of your challenges with wearing adult diapers?