Alright, so I am back on the posting wagon and things should become a little more regular around here.  Expect to start seeing a few surprise changes as well.  I am planning on making this blog a bit bigger and more interactive so expect to see a few changes.  If some of the changes don’t work out – well let me know and we will modify or remove them depending on the issues.  Anyways, so I hadn’t posted a photo in a while and figured I would post this photo of when I was about to get ready to go out for the night.  That camo skirt is one of my favorite Abercrombie skirts and fits over Bambino Diapers really well so I wear it fairly often.

The photo is a few months old from when I was back in my old place before we moved. Haven’t got a chance to break out the camera and take photos in the new place just yet. So, excuse the bright colors in the bathroom…I am a bright colors type of girl! Anyways, I just took this Zumba workout class yesterday and woke up this morning super sore. You should of seen me in there – I have no coordination skills so it was quite interesting. I should have wore shorts yesterday instead of spandex pants because it got unusually hot in there. Thank God I wore an Attends diaper though and not a Bambino for that reason – the Attends diaper is a bit thinner and cooler for that type of thing. Usually, when I work out I don’t need a super thick diaper like a Bambino or Abena so I wear something like an Attends or Tranquility that are thinner but still provide good protection.

I am off to run some errands today and get some stuff for our new place – still decorating if you know what I mean. We are trying to find a decent looking couch instead of this hideous brown one we have now. Working on a pretty tight budget so hopefully we can find something in our price range and that is not hideous. We really want an L-Shaped couch but the likelihood of finding an L-Shaped couch in a decent color in our price range is not too likely. But, I am off to change my diaper real quick and then I am out the door to start my long day of errands…I hope everyone has a good Friday and is looking forward to the weekend!.