There has been a lot of “Hooplah” over these so called bridal diapers and honestly I am not sure why.  I guess to many the idea of a “normal” bride/woman wearing a diaper in a wedding dress is a nice thought.  I won’t say it hasn’t been done before but by no means do I think it is commonplace or even considered.  I would say probably less than .2% of all brides wear a diaper.  Sure, you may here anecdotes about so and so doing it but I assure you these are extremely isolated.  Here is my reasoning:

As a woman, on your wedding day you want to feel sexy, beautiful, elegant, and clean.  The last thing a woman wants to do is put on a diaper which is normally associated with probably not being sexy or beautiful or elegant and probably not clean to the average person.  I think even if a bride was concerned about going to the bathroom that they would rather not put on a diaper and risk something like that.

Personally, I will be wearing a diaper on my wedding day but my wedding dress allows for a sense of discreetness.  I will also be wearing a very thin and probably cloth diaper because at least on my wedding day I do not want to crinkle or for it to be that obvious that I wear diapers.  Any other day I could care less, but on my wedding day I would rather people that I may not know super well or know me be more focused on “is that a diaper?” then just on me and how I look.  I am very traditional and I want to feel pretty and beautiful and not like everyone is gawking at me that doesn’t know me.

I think bridal diapers are probably used only for special circumstances and I mean really special circumstances.  Unless the bride is incontinent or quirky then I doubt she will risk something like that on her wedding day just for the simple fact that she wants everything to be perfect and wants to feel beautiful, sexy, elegant, etc. Which, a diaper is not the first thing the average person associates with those things.  Just my thoughts!.