I was getting ready for work this morning and I looked in my closet to change my diaper and remembered that I had a bag of boosters that I had bought a long time ago to try and enable me to be able to wear my diaper for longer periods of time. I know this goes against what I talked about in my last post of changing often to avoid diaper rash, but still boosters are just a great thing!  Anyways,  I have not used them too much only a couple times when I knew that it was going to be a long day/night and I needed something a little extra. 

I was just wondering if anyone had heard of a good kind of boosters.  The ones that I have right now are Tranquility Pad Liner.  They are very good, but a little pricey and I am sure if I looked around enough I could find something good and less expensive. Does anyone know of any good ones?? I would be very interested because maybe at least this could help me get through dinner or a few hours without having to change myself 🙂 hehe.