During my time wearing diapers I have developed a huge since of self-respect and self-worth.  I use to lack confidence but a few years ago I truly started taking a lot of pride in diapers through community support and other pages.  It truly is important to accept yourself for who you are.  You cannot go around and through life moaning about your life and how it is setup.  You have to do what makes YOU happy not anyone else.  Obviously, within common sense and safely.  But, life is way too short to be caring too much (note I said too much because your private life and professional life should be separate to a degree) what others think about you.  Society is not always that accepting but it is important for you to realize that and approach telling certain people from a different angle than always “I love diapers because I just do” – to many people in society that statement will sound foreign.  Come up with a little more accepting statements that you think they might understand rather than just throwing a blunt statement out there.  But, please! enjoy life to the fullest, do what you want to do within reason and have fun.  Life is so short, please just have fun…be happy and accept you for YOU.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!