Everyone knows that popularity can have it’s perks but a lot of people negate to think that it can also have it’s downsides as well. This goes with whether you are a celebrity or popular figure in Hollywood, sports or even the ABDL community. Popularity in the ABDL community does have it’s perks believe it or not but it also comes with certain stigmas, naysayers and negative connotations as well that can really bring a person down if they don’t have a tough mind.

A lot of people in the adult baby and diaper lover community know me or at least know of me and my blog. Some people appreciate it for what it is and then you have others that feel the need to nitpick everything I say or leave hateful comments or even send threatening emails which I have had done in the past. How do I deal with such people that seem to have nothing better to do then bring others down? Here are my go to defenses and ways I don’t let people like that get to me.


Many people tend to forget what reality really is when they are online. When you are online you can hind your identity behind a screen name and the internet and say whatever you want. Something you would probably not say to someone’s face, you can say online because you are “brave” online because there really are no ramifications. When you realize this point about people then you tend to realize the reality of the kind of person they are. They are either insecure with themselves, just naturally rude or just have some grandiose view of themselves that they think they know everything and are smarter than they really are.

You come to realize that these people don’t know you, your life or anyone in your life…they think they do because they feel they can judge you off of your posts and details of your life. But, they don’t know the reality of your life. That is what makes it easy for me…these sad people that have to insult or put down others online when in reality it has no effect on me at all. I love my life, my husband and everything in it. I don’t care if someone online judges me because I am comfortable and happy with my “real” life. So, if you are happy with YOUR life don’t let naysayers and “negative Nancys” bring you down.


Some people make hateful comments and have said things to me that you would not believe. I have had people actually tell me they hoped my first child would die! What kind of human being actually says that? Honestly.

Some of these comments make you realize the type of people you come in contact with naturally online and the intelligence levels of some of them. It is almost laughable. Once you realize that not everyone is on your same wavelength of intelligence in the online world and accept it – many comments people make just become plain laughable.

So, being popular in the ABDL community is nice because some people trust my comments, judgments, etc. Which, I am really honored to have so many people trust me and listen to me. It does truly mean a lot to me. I have people on a daily basis tell me how much I have changed their life or helped them approach their spouse, parents, girlfriend, boyfriends, etc and it has changed their lives for the better. This makes me smile and happy every time I see it. So, though I may be a popular person to some people out there – I still am amazed every day at the bravery and persistence that I hear weekly from some your stories. They are truly inspirational. I wish I could have a testimonials page on here (maybe I will…) so that I can post some of the snippets of some of the great ABDL stories and just normal every day life stories I get to show others that there is hope. That just because you are an ABDL and you feel small in the world and not normal – that there are thousands and possibly millions of us that support you and are here for you. 

I try to respond to all my emails and questions I get because I want people to succeed and I want to help people in this amazing community. Regardless of all the doubters, naysayers and negative people out there; I know that the majority of the ABDL community are good people and have always treated me and others with respect…and I try to do that same back.

Everyone is popular to me in the ABDL community because we are all unique and all have our quirky differences that make me envy you for something or the other way around. Its just life! Enjoy YOUR life and don’t let others bring you down – YOU are a celebrity in your own right because you are unique – YOU just have to realize it about yourself. LOVE YOURSELF!