I finally got my hands on Bambino Diapers new Teddy Bambino Diaper.  I thought I would do a nice review of the adult diaper.  It really is an amazing diaper and I absolutely love the new design…its super cute.  So, first I will start off with a picture of the new Teddy Bambino Diaper:

This is obviously the package they came in…they arrived in a normal unmarked case and then they are designated in these clean looking white packs.  You can see the little teddy bear designs already on the front of the diaper panel.  I just love the look of a nice clean package of these.  They look so cute.  Great for organizing I must say because the package is a perfect size.  Anyways, onto the review:

Appearance: The new Teddy Bambino Diaper design is really a beautiful and cute design in my opinion.  The bears are not too big and not too small.  They really do a nice job of resembling a baby diaper but in adult size.  The front panel is also a “matted” type finish which I LOVE because its not just a tape anymore – its built directly into the plastic of the diaper.  The diaper all around is all white besides the front panel which is obviously the cute teddy bear designs.  Here is a picture of it up close:

So, as you can see the Teddy Bambino front panel is super cute atleast in my opinion.  Of course the diaper is all PLASTIC and NO CLOTH.

Absorbency: The absorbency in the new Teddy Bambino Diaper is phenomenal.  They actually improved the absorbency they said by adding about 10% more polymer to make these adult diapers even more absorbent then previous versions.  I think a lot of people would agree that these are probably the most absorbent adult diaper on the market that you can get. I am one of those people that I agree with that.  It is really hard to make this diaper leak…believe me I tried.  So, I give an A++++ to absorbency and say Bambino Diapers definitely improved upon the absorbency factor even more.  The diaper leaves plenty of room for defecation if you use the diaper to poop in or have bowel incontinence.  The seat of the diaper definitely allows for that which is a nice feature that not all adult diapers possess.

Comfort: The Bambino Teddy Diaper has about the same comfortable feeling as all the other Bambino Diapers.  The only thing that has really changed is the addition of more polymer for added absorbency and a new front panel along with new and improved stretch tapes (get to those down below).  The inner lining of the Teddy Bambino is super soft…not sure what they use to make it so soft inside but if you compare it to other adult diapers – it really is a lot softer.  Not sure how they do that buts its crazy soft!

Tapes: Bambino Diapers added all new tapes to the Teddy Bambino…they are stretch tapes which actually BEND with you and move with you so they add a bit more flexibility to the diaper which is nice for night time wearers who toss and turn in the night.  It also just adds a bit more maneuverability I noticed when I was wearing it.  That little extra stretch definitely adds a bit more comfort and flexibility to the diaper as a whole.  Plus, you can re-tape the diaper on as always if you have to take it off or undo it for some reason which is a nice feature as always.  I did notice a select few people having problems with 1 tape breaking on them and I have yet to have that happen but I think most people are agreeing that the cause is if you put it on too tight.  You don’t want to fully stretch the tape on as you tape up the diaper otherwise when it goes to actually try to “flex” it wont flex it all.  So, my advice is to not put it on super tight – this goes for all diapers…most tape problems are due to user error putting them on too tight and then soaking them – try not making it uber tight and it should fix any issues if you actually have any.  Here is a picture of the tapes:

Customer Service: As always if ANYTHING goes wrong with the diaper – Bambino Diapers will be pretty quick to help you.  You can call them or email them – and any problems you have with the diaper they typically respond to you within 24 hours if not a lot sooner…that has been my experience.

Overall: Overall I think Bambino Diapers took a big step in the right direction with the new Teddy Bambino Diaper.  It really adds a whole new product to the adult baby and diaper lover collection of adult diapers.  For me, this diaper is a staple in my collection and I will probably order a case of the Teddy Bambinos and a case of the Classico each month – peppering in some Biancos there too.  There really isn’t that much I would improve about this diaper…its more absorbent then I could probably handle and its plenty thick feeling and very babyish.  Its honestly what I always thought of as the perfect adult baby diaper.  I know everyone has their own opinion on what makes the perfect adult baby diaper – but this comes pretty darn close if not it for me.  Just thankful a company actually goes out of their way to make products like this for the adult baby and diaper lover community.  Here is a photo of the diaper itself:

If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will try to help..