Bambino Quadro BoosterThe Bambino Quadro Booster is Bambino’s premier booster made specifically to fit their Bambino Diapers.  Though it will fit into most adult diapers, it was designed to lay perfectly within the Bambino Diaper seat area to provide extra protection.  It was designed so that it can be maneuvered in the diaper to provide added protection especially when sleeping to prevent any sort of leaks.  Even though I have never leaked with a Bambino Diaper – there is something about adding a little extra protection to add that little extra something in the diaper.  Plus, I will admit the thickness it adds to my butt region is sort of cute.  Feels very babyish when it is inside the diaper which is nice especially when you are going to bed to have that babyish feeling and that added bulk of protection.

The first thing you will notice about the Bambino Quadro is the softness of the material used in making the booster.  This is one of the main features that the Bambino Quadro brings to the table besides its superior absorbency, but we will get to that point later.  The material is probably the softest I have felt in the “booster” category and believe me I have tried quite a few of them.  When you put it on, the softness just presses against my bum and it is so soft.  I think this feature is probably an overlooked one because nobody wants any problems when it comes to chaffing or roughness down near the genital/butt area.  So, I applaud Bambino Diapers for addressing the issue and making the material VERY soft.

Second, the absorbency is of course phenomenal.  I have never seen a booster able to absorb so much.  I believe literally that if you combined the Bambino Quadro with a Bambino Diaper that you could probably go 2 days without changing your diaper.  Seriously, the combination of these two is huge.  Anyways, the Quadro has absorbency that will amaze you I think.  If you run out of Bambino Diapers and all you got around is some crappy Depends or store brand diapers – add one of these bad boys to it and it is like an instant absorbency boost that probably quadruples the absorbency of the store brand diaper.  The absorbency really amazed me so I felt I should make a post on it.

The scent of the Bambino Quadro is what makes it even more unique than any other booster on the market.  No other booster has that “baby” scent to it.  In my opinion, the scent is not too strong and not too light.  It is perfect for me.  It is not noticeable by just wearing the diaper around in public but if you have just the diaper on with the booster in it then every once in awhile you may get a little hint of the smell.  A good idea is to stick the boosters in maybe a drawer or closet – it gives it a nice little babyish scent that is not too strong.

The price of the Bambino Quadro appears on par with it’s competitors but with far superior features and uses for it.  Of course, you will have to try it yourself to see whether it is for you or not.  But, I highly recommend them especially if you tend to leak at night when you turn sideways or what not.  They really add a great deal of protection in combination with it’s softness to really give you that babyish and bulky feeling too.  If you have any questions about them, please do not hesitate to ask..