This is the official review from me for the Bambino Duo Booster pad put out by Bambino Diapers.  I will be doing an additional review on the “Quadros” at a later date.

The Bambino Duo boosters are probably my favorite booster pad to use and I use them almost daily through out the work day.  The main feature about the boosters that sets it apart besides the amazing baby scent that is added that I absolutely love is the incredible softness of these boosters.  I have tried many other booster pads and nothing compares to the softness and comfort of the Bambino Duos.  Immediately when you take it out of its clean package you can feel with your hands just how soft the actual material is.  This is incredibly important when the booster is resting against the skin for any period of time as comfort as many diaper lovers and adult babies know is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing any sort of diaper product.  So, the softness of the booster pad when it is resting against my bottom is incredible – you almost do not feel the booster there because it feels like part of the diaper material.

Second, the Bambino Duo is specifically designed to fit into Bambino Diapers.  Though they will fit nicely into any diaper you use – they are designed to fit neatly into the Bambino Diaper.  All you do is take off the adhesive tape and stick it where you want within the diaper.  For me, being a girl, I place the booster pad in the middle of the seat of the diaper because that is where the main concentration of urine is collected.  For men, possibly putting the booster pad closer to the front of the diaper since urine first hits that area would be an optimal place to put it.  That is another thing, the softness allows you to place it against sensitive areas such as the genital region of men so that it doesn’t irritate it or anything.

Third, the absorbancy of the Bambino Duo is also a thing to marvel at.  I have never once leaked in a Bambino Diaper and I have added a Bambino Duo to them and its just an additional mewp_e you can take to prevent leakage.  It absorbs a phenomenal amount of urine that in my estimate could probably last someone a whole day in a Bambino Diaper and booster pad, at least.  I have added the Bambino Duo a number of times to lesser brand diapers such as Attends or Tranquility Slimline and they have helped tremendously improve the absorbancy of the diaper.  The absorbancy of the Bambino Duo is probably one of the main features Bambino Diapers advertises about it because it was also specifically designed to hold a tremendous amount of fluid.  Many people in the ABDL community love “flooding” there diaper to the max and this product in my opinion will allow you to do that even more and feel even more babyish because of how the booster pad actually swells when it becomes wet.  Giving that nice bulky and babyish feel even more so to the diaper.

Finally, the pad is lightly scented with a baby scent to it.  In my opinion, I think the scent is just enough.  While, I recognize everyone has different thresholds for scent tolerance, I think the scent is perfect for me.  It is not too strong and not too light.  I personally stick them in my closet and/or drawers and close them up and they give my closet or drawer a nice babyish scent to it.  So, I like it.  It is no where near noticeable of a smell if you are out just walking around.  But, if you are just wearing a diaper and the Bambino Duo and laying around your house and you sit down or are laying there then you would definitely get little hints of a babyish scent now and again.

Overall, the Bambino Duo is another amazing product I think put out by Bambino Diapers.  It shows its committment to its audience which I think is one of the most important things Bambino Diapers does.  It listens to its customers and wants to make them happy.  I have always wanted a booster pad such as this because it extends the life of not only the Bambino Diaper but also some of my lesser diapers.  I highly reccommend you at least try the Bambino Duo because even though it may give off the look of a typical booster pad I think the material, scent, and absorbancy of the booster completely makes this an amazing booster.

Bambino Duo Booster Pads: Get Them Here.