I have decided to do a review or comparison of Bambino Diapers and Secure X-Plus diapers.  Many people think they are the exact same diaper when in fact both have their own uniqueness and qualities to each.  Hopefully, this review and comparison will provide some people with helpful information and better insight into what you are getting with each diaper.

Similarities: Both are phenomenal diapers that have probably the best absorbency of an adult diaper on the market.  I used both and probably wet 3 full times in each and they still could have held even more but I am not fully obsessive over keeping on a soaked diaper all day.  But, the absorbency in each is comparable and amazing.  Both the Bambino Diapers and Secure X-Plus have front and back waistbands which is really nice because it keeps the diaper close to your body.  As well, both diapers have standing leg cuffs which is probably one of the most important features in a diaper.  Both have 4 tapes total (2 on each side) that hold superbly and they can even both be adjusted (refastened) if need be multiple times.  Both are of roughly equal thickness and both have super soft plastic that is probably the softest of all diapers I have tried.  The thickness of both is probably in the Top 2 or 3 of the thickest diapers on the market so if you like that babyish feel, either diaper will do it for you.  Both are also plastic and have a nice crinkly sound to them that many people will like.

Differences: So, the most obvious difference between the Bambino Diapers and Secure X-Plus is the frontal tape zone (the print).  The Bambino Classico has a babyish print, the Bambino Bianco is an all white diaper, and the Secure X-Plus has print on the front but it is not babyish.  The Secure X-plus has a wetness indicator on the diaper while the Bambino Classico and Bianco do not.  The Bambino Diapers also differ in that the inner lining is all white while the Secure X-plus has a blue marking on the inner lining as shown below:

Conclusion: In the end, both our similar diapers but have their own qualities that make them unique.  If you want the babyish style then go with the Bambino Diapers Classico.  If you want the more professional and not as babyish style then go with the Secure X-Plus or Bambino Bianco.  If you like to have a wetness indicator then the Secure X-Plus is your diaper because it has one while the Bambino Diapers do not.  Either one you choose, you are getting the top diapers on the market.  There are also minor differences I would say in the fit that you could notice only if you try each one out yourself and try them on.

While this comparison is not super in depth, I know…it provides all the information comparative wise between the two diapers to hopefully help you make a decision which to go with.  I would rate them as the Top 1 and 2 diapers on the market and I use both.  They are the most absorbent and best fitting in my opinion…plus if you like the babyish look then you can’t go wrong with the Bambino Diapers.  But, if you are not so much into the babyish look then you can always get the all white Bambino Bianco Diaper or Secure X-Plus to have that more “professional” or “neutral” look.

Bambino Diapers and Secure X-Plus Photos:

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Bambino Diapers: http://www.bambinodiapers.com

Secure Personal Care: http://www.securepersonalcare.com.