Well, with the recent news of the new inner-lining technology that Bambino Diapers has introduced and they have obviously taken feedback from customers because check out the Bambino Diapers now.  Take in mind I opened the diaper a little bit already but they have “loosened the core” to make the diaper back to that thicker feel and look like they originally had PLUS the new soft inner lining makes it absolutely amazing.  Take a look at the gallery below for some photos:

As you can see the diaper isn’t as compacted and is a lot thicker looking.  That is awesome that Bambino Diapers truly listens to their customers and is so focused on what they want.  Bambino Diapers proves over and over again that they can deliver an amazing product and that is why they are my favorite diapers 🙂 I know everyone has their own tastes and this just happens to be mine.  But, I really must tell you though – you must try them as the new lining – well its VERY SOFT – like it feels amazing against my skin and on my bottom.  Its very nice.  And as always the performance of these diapers are absolutely amazing.  But, I just wanted to share with everyone this quick review of the what I guess I would call the “revised” Bambino Diapers.  Try em – your gonna love em!.