I know I haven’t posted in a bit – been busy with life.  You know how that goes.  Anyways, like many of you I am holding out for the Bambino Diapers Classico to come back in stock.  I have heard a lot of people are waiting to order when they finally get their stock back in.  Its not that I don’t like what they have in at the moment – its just preference at this point.  I have some molicare but I am running low on the Classico and Bianco so I am waiting anxiously for them to come in so I can replenish my stock.

I do appreciate how Bambino is make more of an effort now to update everyone on their current status and making a huge effort I have noticed into breaking into the Social Networking area.  They have even made an official Bambino Facebook Page: Bambino Diapers Official Facebook Page  – if you LIKE them you will get access it looks like to whenever they have deals or special coupons or whatever.  I could use that!  None up there at the moment and it looks fairly recent when they made the page but it is growing.  I also like how they are putting notices on their frontpage too in order to keep people up to date with what is happening.  I always appreciate up front communication.  Anyways, here is to hoping they get their Medium sizes back in soon and maybe add a coupon to the Facebook page at the same time? That would be nice timing.  Good night everyone I am tired!.