Just wanted to let everyone know that if you haven’t already – you should go join the Bambino Diapers Facebook Page because they said they are going to put up discounts and most of their announcements on that page.  It requires you to “Like” them so if you have a personal account then you might want to make a Facebook account specifically for ABDL related things so your personal friends don’t see that you are liking Bambino Diapers – just a warning to some of those people who care about that.  But, I am all about discounts so I would definitely “LIKE” them…they seem to be making their latest announcements on their Facebook page as well.

They just made their latest announcement on their NEW DIAPER they are coming out with on Facebook among other places and that they are going to allow the ABDL community to name it!!! I assume they are going to hold a contest or something like that but we will see.  So, definitely cool that Bambino is getting into the social networking aspect – could be good things for the community as far as participation and discounts.  I can already see where Bambino has a Coupon section up on their Facebook page where it looks like they will add coupons/discounts to when they are ready.  Just keeping everyone in the loop!

Bambino Diapers Facebook Page.