So, I got in a bunch of Bambino Diapers new Boost Ups that allow you to basically “boost up” the absorbency of any diaper that you are using. I took a few photos of how I setup my diapers with the Boost Ups and what it looks like. The pictures below are of Bambino Teddy Diapers with a Boost Up in them.
Bambino Diaper Boost Up 2
Bambino Diaper Boost Up

As you can see I naturally stick my Boost Up more in the middle and back since obviously the anatomy of a female is different than a male. Most males stick their booster product more towards the front of the diaper to catch more of the urine and increase the absorbency. But, since females urinate more down towards the middle that is where I place the boost up in order to get maximum absorbency.

The thing I like about the Bambino Boost Ups is that they can be added to any diaper that you use and they fit pretty much any diaper. I have tried them in a lot of different adult diapers including all the Bambino Diapers and Tena Slip Maxi. I have tried them in Tranquility and Abena and Attends and they fit perfectly. So, no matter what your budget is they can add some serious absorbency to even the crappiest adult diaper.

Another cool thing about them that you will come to like is that they are extremely soft on your bottom. Whatever the fabric of them is made of, it is extremely soft and I have noticed no chaffing from it which I have experienced from some other brands of boosters in the past.

I sometimes like to add a Boost Up to my diapers to because they give that nice little “thickness adder” to the bottom area that many people like so much. It makes the diaper look a little thicker in the bottom and gets that nice little “pooch” if you know what I mean in the butt area. A lot of people seem to like that in the ABDL community because of the babyish feel it has to it.

If you are looking for a good booster though I would highly recommend them. I use to use Depends Boosters but they stopped making those a long time ago and they were not as absorbent as these. These boost ups are more absorbent then many premium adult diapers on the market because of how much polymer is in each one. They are a great little adult diaper booster.