I have yet to make a post on the new Bambino Diaper’s Variety Case. Maybe some of you have heard of it and maybe you haven’t. A lot of people requested on many forums over the years some sort of variety case so they could either try out the different looks, feels, etc of each of their adult diapers. It seems Bambino Diapers has done just that. Take a look at the photo below of what it looks like:

I think this is a really good move on Bambino’s part because there are a lot of times even myself wants to have one of each type of the diaper for whenever my mood is for a Classico, Teddy, or Bianco. There has to be others out there that get in moods where they just feel like wearing an all white diaper or moods where they really like the Classico or Teddy look. I know I do. So, this is definitely a plus to even the users of Bambino Diapers and not just newbies to their products. I haven’t yet ordered myself a case but I will be ordering them in the coming weeks when I make my usual case purchase. It will definitely be nice to have the variety all in one case at ONE price. Very convenient for me at least.

Anyways, if you have ordered the Variety case from Bambino Diapers or have any additional input on it – I would definitely love to hear it and I am sure some others would as well. I will be sure when I do eventually order the Variety Case to post photos and my thoughts on it…even though there really isn’t much difference besides the pure convenience of it and that you get a variety instead of just one kind! Anyways, hopefully everyone is having a good week – almost to the weekend!

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