After a fun night last night I took some of my other friends and we went back! I went into the dressing room in several different places and started trying on a lot of wild and crazy things 🙂 hehe it is always so much fun to try on things that I wouldn’t normally wear! And the even more fun thing about it was that I took some pictures! I made sure that I had much diaper hanging out or shown so I will have to post some of them soon! 🙂

Other than that we just went to the food court and ate lots of unhealthy food ! haha which is always a great thing! my diaper is definitely feeling much tighter than it did when we first left to go! Now im back getting ready to curl up on the couch with a blanket, my doggy, and a nice movie! I know not much of an exciting night for me but that is definitely good with me!

Have a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy it! 🙂.