So, things have sort of settled down for me so I am going to definitely be getting more regular in my posts.  Right now I am thinking of a complete makeover for I Heart Diapers and I am trying to figure out a more efficient way of posting photos.  I am somewhat protective of my photos and try to prevent them from being harvested as best as I can.  So, just looking into a few ways that can be more efficient and at the same time still appear “clean” looking on the site.  As you can tell I am a neat freak and don’t like a messy site so I try to keep it clean looking.  So, write now I am trying to find another template or design that I can use to take my blog to another level and at the same time allow me to become more proficient in posting media a lot easier.  Because, right now I am not a big fan of WordPress’s picture posting method – I feel its very cumbersome and takes a long time – especially if you are trying to protect your photos to some extent from being copied so easily.  I know, I know you can’t prevent everything but I like to at least add a few security mewp_es that I can.

But, anyways – expect to hear from me more – FOR REAL – this time.  I know I have said it before but its just hard to explain what has been going on these past few months because its a bit private and personal but its been stressful and cumbersome.  But, everything I believe is fixed and calmed down so I can finally focus on making this blog better and bringing it back up to the level I have wanted too for a long time…more photos, more posts, and hopefully just more features to the site.  I have always wanted this blog to be a little more than a blog…ideas would be appreciated..