Baby Pants Adult Baby Training Pants
I figured I would do a review on these phenomenal Baby Pants Adult Baby Training Pants since I use to have a pair and loved them.  Obviously I had the pink ones! The pink ones I just looked and at the time of this post they are backordered but you can preorder them and they should ship out soon!

These are probably one of the softest baby pants I have ever had.  They fit great and fit over any type of diaper adding a very babyish factor.  They are unbelievably comfortable and I think they are a fair price for what you get.  They are a high quality thick baby pants that will last you forever.  I ordered mine a long time ago and unfortunately our dog got a hold of it and ripped it apart.  So, as soon as I finish writing this long overdue review of these adult baby pants – I am going to order me another pair.  Then, I will add a photo of me in them as soon as I get them.  But, anyways on with the review of these amazing baby pants sold on Amazon HERE

First here are the details for these baby pants below straight from the manufacturer:


Extra Padding Beginners Training Pant and also available in “Almost a Big Kid” with less padding.
Full range of sizes (Small – 4X large), other colors and prints available and in stock at our store.
Premium quality extremely soft organic cotton.
No moisture barrier, plastic panties can be worn over for absolute protection.
Extra padding for beginners in “My First Training Pants.”



These are extremely comfortable as they are made of high quality soft organic cotton.  There are multiple sizes you can choose from to get your perfect fit but make sure to take into account if you are going to be wearing them over a thicker diaper such as a Bambino Diaper or Abena. I never experienced any chaffing with my pair and I wore these things around the house a lot and they still allowed a little bit of crinkle to be heard too.

Baby Factor

They definitely add a huge baby factor to wearing them.  I loved laying around in mine on weekends with a thick Bambino and my pink baby pants on over top of it and a t-shirt.  I truly felt like a baby in these especially because they add a little “waddle” factor to you. Here are the different variety of baby pants they offer below – they are all super cute!

Adult-Baby-Pants-Boy Adult-Baby-Pants-Girl-Pink Adult-Baby-Pants-Dino Adult-Baby-Pants-White Adult-Baby-Pants-Mickey Adult-Baby-Pants-Girly

As you can see there a ton of varieties of them and they are all super cute and comfortable.


They aren’t meant to be super absorbent as there is no moisture barrier so wearing plastic pants over them if you are actually just going to wear them alone is advised.  I think most people will wear them over top of a diaper so this is a non-issue.  I just love the way they look and add a little bulk to my diapers when I am feeling a little extra babyish.


The pricing of these is really very fair in my opinion. They have quick shipping and these baby pants hold up for a long time! I have a few other baby pants from other places that costed way more than these and never held up as well.

If you are interested in adding a little baby factor to your diaper-wearing experience I would highly recommend them as they are made of super soft organic cotton and fit perfectly over diapers.  They may add a little extra waddle so if you don’t want too many people noticing your wearing these in public maybe reserve them for “baby-time” at home.  I can’t say enough about just how comfortable they truly are though. Highly recommended.

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