I am going to get myself a new diaper bag everyone.  I recently came across this neat diaper bag actually by Lands End.  Here check out a picture of it:
I absolutely love it.  It is so cute and fits my personality just right.  I can take it anywhere whether I am going to the beach, camping, or just to the mall.  It could almost be mistaken as just a normal bag when it is actually concealing my diapers and wipes…hehe.  Sounds like I am masterminding an evil plan (I thought it was funny).  But anyways, you can check out the diaper bag at LandsEnd.com.  But, I am still searching around but this is obviously my first pick.  They have a blue one too, but I like the pink.  Thought everyone might want to know about this neat diaper bag.  Probably very durable.  Be sure to bookmark our blog here at blog.imabdl.com.  Or, subscribe to the RSS feed, keep up to date with all the latest news right here.

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