Well looks like another weekend has come to an end unfortunately.  Back to 6 am mornings and long days, but hey thats okay! Peter and I had a good Sunday which I guess made up for the first half of the weekend. I can’t even begin to explain how  nice it is just to be able to come home, snuggle up in my diaper with the man of my dreams, and watch a movie or just lay there. Some times life just wears a person down that is for sure.

Peter and I have been repainting a lot over the last past few months and the room with most of diapers in it that we usually change each other in is not a lovely light green 🙂 I wanted sometime that was babyish yet at the same time it was a nice color nothing too bright. I am really excited about this much more than peter thinks I should be. I think it makes it feel much more relaxing and makes it feel younger and like a baby calm and back in your youth. haha okay maybe that is a little extreme for a color of a wall but really I get that feeling when I am laying there having my diaper changed!

Off to bed..Night! hugs!.