So I just got to take my lunch!! I came home real fast to  grab a sandwich in order to save money! I was going to change myself but when I got home I realized that my diaper was still holding a lot and wasn’t leaking! I had forgotten that I had put on a Bambino this morning! I can’t believe how much it is holding!! I have a new appreciation for bambino today!

last night before Peter and I went to bed… he decided he was going to double me up probably so he didn’t have to wake up half way through the night and change me! hehe but i still leaked! I always cut the slit in the first diaper so that it leaks through but I don’t know what I am doing wrong! Maybe it was the way i was sleeping but I have no idea! but i definitely woke up in a big wet spot! haha anyways.. if anyone has an tips please let me know!

Alright well time to eat and back to work..Hugs!!.