I have come to the conclusion that being taken care of is the greatest thing ever! going beyond just the simple wearing of diapers just the feeling that you are protected and that you are in need of someone to care for you is the greatest feeling in the world!  When I walk around every single day in my diaper I know that I am protected, I almost get this feeling like nothing can happen to me, like I am completely protected from the world! 🙂 I don’t know if anyone understands that..but I was really feeling like that this morning so I thought I would share that with everyone!

Anyways..so not quite sure what to talk about this morning! I hope everyone is just as excited about the weekend as I am!!  I am going to go out at some point this weekend and look for some kind of changing table! I really miss that feeling and since the last one I had broke I have not yet been able to find one! Hopefully there is something out there that is big enough for me 🙂 hehehe  Other than that I think I am just going to have a low key weekend.

Have a wonderful Friday Everyone!! I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me later!.