Adult diapers are catching on — in Western Europe, at any rate. In Western Europe, adult diapers and their many brands are booming and sales are through the roof. Whether this huge boom is due to a growing incontinence community or growing ABDL community – one can only speculate.

Or at least that’s what the data fromĀ Euromonitor shows, in this chart of projected sanitary product value growth worldwide:

Adult Diapers International Market

Euromonitor is a market research firm, so it’s no surprise that their take is aggressively focused on how companies can increase value from hygiene products. But, one can see that the trend is upward in terms of hygiene products which includes adult diapers.

Notice their central piece of advice on incontinence products there? “Raising product awareness and normalising consumption.”

That’s good news for adult diaper wearers of all stripes. Some of you may remember a while back when we took a look at some diapers in the mainstream media, and it’s a safe bet that we’re going to see more of that from companies like Kimberly Clark as they work on normalising consumption (or normalizing, over here in the States!). These companies are actively promoting adult diapers and other hygiene products because there is such a large market for them. They obviously are not going to promote a product if there is no market but the combination of incontinence plus the adult baby and diaper lover community creates a large market worldwide that these companies see the potential.

And if you live in Western Europe or Japan and wear diapers, congratulations — you’re part of what’s expected to be a fast-growing trend. Japan, especially, has seen a huge boost in adult diaper sales as the aging population increases and the use of adult diapers becomes more mainstream. Brands like Abena, Bambino Diapers, Tena, and ABUniverse all have a bigger and bigger market to promote to.