Adult Diaper UnderwearAlright well most of the time when I post on here I talk more about the adult brief side. I am not big into wearing adult underwear because they just don’t hold enough for me throughout the day.  I do wear them sometimes however on the weekends or on a long day and use them doubling.  I will put the underwear down and cut a little slit into the bottom of the underwear put it on and then put the adult brief on top of it. I have found that this works very well especially if you know that you are not going to be able to get around to being able to change.  Besides that however I really have not had much experience using these! i wore these a few times overnight but again they just don’t hold like I need them too. Has anyone had any experience with these or know any that would be more absorbent?

Some of the brands that I have found in my search are:
1) Tranqulity
2) Surecare
3) Tena
4) Prevail
5) Comfort shape
6) Depends

I don’t honestly even remember which kind I have tried but if anyone has some insight on what they enjoy please let me know!

Happy Wednesday! 🙂.