Adult Diaper ReviewsWe’re going to be getting into some adult diaper reviews pretty soon here, and I thought it was important to start with a caveat: your mileage may vary!

There are very few absolutes when talking about incontinence products and their performance. Things that seem like fixed mewp_ements — ounces of absorbency, for example — tend to vary dramatically when you test them “in the field,” as it were.

Everyone’s butt is a different shape. Everyone has a different waist-to-hip ratio. Everyone’s urethral opening points at a slightly different angle — and for that matter, any one person’s urethral opening is going to point at any number of different angles throughout the course of the day!

All those things affect how much a diaper can absorb before it leaks. So will the speed at which you urinate, the clothes you’re wearing over the diaper, the position you’re sitting or standing in, and countless other “wild card” factors.

So take adult diaper reviews with a grain of salt. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. I’ve been let down by very widely-praised brands, and pleasantly surprised by cheap generic/store brands, and I expect most diaper-wearers have had or will have similar experiences at one point or another.

That said, my goal in these adult diaper reviews on this site will always be to focus on product qualities that matter to everyone: price, ease of fitting and adjusting, overall quality control (how often you get defectives, etc.), and yes, absorbency and performance — but with as many random factors controlled for as we can manage.

Enjoy the upcoming reviews, especially some of the side-by-side comparisons we’ve got planned. I think they should be helpful, especially if you still haven’t found that perfect brand or model yet.

But bring your grains of salt along, because your mileage may vary. Count on it!

The image above is from UK Diaper Girls.