Adult diaper rash is a serious topic among many of those who use adult diapers routinely. Those who have to wear adult diapers deal with this condition routinely and I felt like I should address how I personally handle rashes associated with wearing adult diapers daily.

Adult Diaper Rash Cause

The cause of adult diaper rash can be caused by a few things but the most common is contact irritation by the diaper itself. In the diaper area, it is very moist and warm, allowing for a breeding ground for diaper rash. Since I wear diapers 24/7 – I have had my share of adult diaper rash even with as much experience as I have with wearing diapers. Unfortunately, sometimes the conditions are just too much to overcome.

Other causes of adult diaper rash include an infection whether bacterial or fungal. These causes are less common when compared to contact dermatitis/inflammation of the diaper area. If you suspect you may have an infection then see your primary care physician who can prescribe you an antibiotic or antifungal cream that can combat this. I have had only 2 cases of an infection in all my years of wearing diapers and it is bound to happen to even the most cleanest people. Both of mine were fungal and I was easily treated with a topical antifungal for my diaper rash and it went away.

Most people in the ABDL community are going to be dealing with an adult diaper rash cause of contact dermatitis due to walking around in a diaper for extended periods of time, usually because of a wet diaper or soiled diaper. This is where frequent changes come in handy.

My Tips for Adult Diaper Rash

Diaper rash in adults can be persistent and annoying if you do not take precautionary mewp_es. It can even turn people who need diapers to more desperate mewp_es that are more invasive such as catheters which in my opinion pose more hassle and more risk in multiple ways.

Below I have laid out my tips for preventing and dealing with adult diaper rash on a daily basis to hopefully reduce and prevent future diaper rash issues whether you use adult diapers for need or recreation!

Good Fitting Adult Diaper

A proper fitting adult diaper is one of the keys to avoiding diaper rash. If your diaper is too tight or too lose it can cause a rash. If it is too tight it can cause a rash because it will be digging into your skin the whole day. If the diaper is too lose it can rub against the diaper area which can also lead to the dreaded diaper rash. So, please if you take anything away from my tips – buy a good fitting adult diaper with high quality plastic. The proper fit will reduce the friction of the diaper against the skin and is key to preventing adult diaper rash.

Adult Diaper Absorbency is Key

The absorbency of the adult diaper is going to be another huge factor that I found that allowed for prevention of a rash. I use to use the cheap adult diapers you would find in drug stores and supermarkets that would barely hold one wetting and then leak. Here is how it works. If the diaper does not hold much then it going to not only leak but the fluid will accumulate outside of the absorbent material and “pool” in the plastic area leading to expansion of the plastic. This will in turn lead to rubbing against the inner thighs and crotch area (the main diaper rash areas) and cause multiple friction hot spots leading to a rash.

Choosing a diaper with good absorbency changed the frequency of diaper rash I was getting immensely. So, invest in proper absorbent adult diapers and you will notice a major difference.

Frequent Diaper Changes

Sitting around in a wet or soiled adult diaper all day may seem like fun to some people but it leads to a higher chance of developing diaper rash. Learning how much your current diaper can hold and absorb will allow you to know when it is time to change the diaper. My husband will attest to the pain that comes with diaper rash as well and he will even tell you it is worth the little bit of extra effort to increase changing frequency to cut down on rashes.

Proper cleaning and patting dry of the area in between diaper changes will also help cut down on diaper rash.

Barrier Creams Are Your Friend

Adult Diaper Rash Treatment Ointment
Barrier creams can dramatically reduce adult diaper rash and great for treatment as well as prevention. You can be generous with the use of these creams. I always use some sort of protection cream with each diaper change whether it is petroleum jelly or some other brand of protective cream.

Warm Water Baths

If you do end up with an adult diaper rash, in addition to using a protective and healing cream…soaking in a warm water bath or epsom salt bath I found dramatically help speed up healing of my rashes. I will say these are like magic in healing, especially with epsom salt.

Air Out the Diaper Area

Airing out the diaper area for even brief periods can be liberating as well as therapeutic in diaper rash treatment and prevention. If you are comfortable walking around the house in just a diaper this will allow air flow to reach the diaper hot spot areas easier and help prevent moisture buildup in those areas and thus preventing diaper rash.

Treat Diaper Rash Fast

A final word of advice to those with diaper rash – treat it quickly. If you procrastinate and do nothing about it – maybe it will heal if your lucky but more than likely it will only progress. Worsening of adult diaper rash is no fun and can lead to multiple other problems such as serious infections. I have never had these but have heard about the complications from them. If you follow the tips above you should have no problems. But, if you do get a dreaded case of adult diaper rash – be aggressive in your treatment of it.

Great Adult Diaper Rash Products for Treatment and Prevention

  1. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for Adult Diaper Rash : My favorite product that I personally use for treatment and off and on prevention of adult diaper rash. I highly recommend this product. It is a popular product among ABDL and incontinence community.
  2. Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Adult Diaper Rash : Another one that I really like and have as well. Sometimes I like to switch it up between this one and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. They are both a little pricey but well worth it and last a long time.
  3. Aquaphor Adult Baby Healing Ointment for Diaper Rash : Another very popular adult diaper rash product. A little more inexpensive and very effective. Still have some lying around.
  4. Desitin Maximum Strength Paste : Great for adult diaper rash. Very thick and creamy and really hard to rub off so you know it will provide you with all day protection and treatment for adult diaper rash.

In conclusion, I wanted to write a serious post about adult diaper rashes as it is one of the most popular questions I get emailed about because of how often I wear adult diapers. I still get adult diaper rash especially in the summer months because of the increases moisture and humidity but when I follow the tips I laid out above it significantly reduces the frequency and speeds up the healing of the rashes I do get.

Feel free to share your own tips, treatments and preventative methods for adult diaper rash in the comments section so that other people can benefit as well!