I was looking around the internet and came across the above site. I was wondering, do any of you think you would wear any of those clothes? I mean I have worn the footy pajamas and absolutely LOVE them! I wear them all the time especially when it is cold out and if it has a seat in the bottom it makes it even easier especially for checking and changes! But I have never worn some of the other types of things.  I am just not the type of person who is into that kind of thing because I mostly love to just wear my diapers under my every day clothes because to me that is the most comfortable thing! But just because I don’t enjoy it does not mean that there aren’t others out there and I do find it intriguing in a way! So if you are enjoy wearing clothing like this or anything related let me know! or if you don’t! Sorry that I tend to be more conservative in that area but would love to hear from some of you!

More to come soon….