In my opinion, note MY OPINION, an adult baby is one that is considered 18+, classified themselves as an adult baby, and engages in adult baby activity.  That is fine and dandy as well as easy to classify them in my opinion.  The line becomes a bit blurred when we are referring to teenagers that engage in such activity like wearing diapers and acting like a baby.  People will argue all day that there should be a place for teenagers to converse online for this kind of activity…and I AGREE with that idea; BUT, I agree ONLY if it were only teenagers which is impossible in the internet day and age.  Thus, I do not support sites that actively ‘advertise’ themselves to the younger crowd or as people who are 18+ refer to them legally as – underage.

You can argue with me and make yourselves feel better all day long until you are blue in the face but the fact is that sites that ACTIVELY advertise themselves as conversational forums for younger than 18 (teenagers) are wrong in this day and age and ESPECIALLY for the ABDL community.  Of course I am referring to ADISC – who blatantly caters to the ‘younger’ crowd which in MY opinion is wrong…if you want to argue, trust me you are wasting your breath.  Now, some people will say but sites like DailyDiapers has teenagers on it as well – which you are CORRECT.  BUT, there is a big difference – DailyDiapers does not cater nor actively advertises themselves or is known for hosting younger than 18 year old content whether it is discussion, photos, etc.  That is a big difference whether you like it or not.

Everyone is correct in saying that older people will sometimes say they are younger and younger people will lie and say they are older just to gain access or what not to a forum.  That is the internet, unfortunately.  But, the difference comes from a site that caters and harbors that and a site that does not.  There in lies my problem with sites like ADISC…of course, people are around that age don’t understand that yet and appreciate a place like that but don’t fully comprehend the dangers that can occur there both illegally and morally.  Not to mention it CAN make bad press for the ABDL community.

So where do teenagers that wear diapers or what not fit into the whole ABDL community online?  Good question…because I honestly have no idea.  I recognize they need a place for support but I don’t condone sites that actively harbor content on the internet that are geared to underage people in the ABDL content…period.  There are too many risks, liabilities, etc etc.  Maybe, it is the materal instinct in me that I feel so strongly about this – I have no idea but I just think its wrong.  It only takes one bad apple in a forum to cause some really terrible things and sites that promote themselves actively for teenagers to converse in an adult baby type context are just breeding grounds for something bad to happen.  Maybe, nothing bad as ever happened from a site like ADISC or maybe it has?  Maybe you haven’t heard about it? Does that matter whether you have or haven’t? Do you want to take that risk?  These are questions you should be considering.  Of course, there are a few other sites similar to ADISC, but it is just one of the bigger ones.

I am sure there will be some backlash from this post like there always is both here and on there site.  I am sure they will say the same old thing about me as they always do and that is fine…it becomes comical to me that some of them actually think I care or it affects me.  As always, I say what I feel and I am forward – you don’t like it – well that’s fine.  Facts are facts…places that in anyway cater to those under the age of 18 years old especially in the context of something like ABDLism – will only be a matter of time if it already hasn’t happened that something regrettable, unfortunate, and disgusting will happen.  Bring on the arguments 🙂.